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Modular flexible Graphene embedded antennas

  • The Vorbeck H6 harness uses antennas made with proprietary Graphene technology that not only improves on the form factor of traditional "whip” antennas, but also maximizes gain to up to 300% of competing products

  • The 2D form factor of our Graphene embedded antennas allow them to conform to any surface they are mounted to while maintaining their performance advantage

  • The modular connection system built in to the Vorbeck H6 allows the end user to easily swap out different band antennas to match to their choice of radio

Radio Agnostic Central Connection Hub

  • The Central Connection Hub (CCH) embedded in the Vorbeck H6 offers full radio agnosticism to the end user so that regardless of the radio requirements, our Graphene embedded antennas will be compatible

  • In order to take advantage of the full modularity of the Vorbeck H6 the end user needs to simply provide the antenna band requirement and the radio connector termination. With this information we can provide a full system kit to adapt the Vorbeck H6 to any radio/comms system

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R2 radio system - powered by Rajant InstaMesh®

  • By utilizing InstaMesh® technology, the R2 radio system provides advanced Multi-In Multi-Out (MIMO) capabilites. This technology utilizes a proprietary mesh network algorithm that creates a secure, self-healing, smart network that is able to stream voice, video, and data to all connected nodes

  • To ensure the safety and effectiveness of the Vorbeck H6, the R2 is able to stream 1290x720 resolution video at 30 fps in real time via its hard wired mini IP-66 rated low light camera

  • With the integrated video streaming capabilities, the R2 system provides information not previously available to not only team mates in the cold zone, but also to any subject matter experts needed for unique situations