Vorbeck H6 Communications Harness

Hot Zone to Cold Zone Communications


Providing secure, reliable communications in challenging environments

  • Connects you to the cold zone and to each other

  • Enables live streaming video to cold zone and subject matter experts

  • Keeps you fully aware with low-light and thermal vision

  • Allows you to send and receive live video between team members

  • Extends communications into tunnels, factories, dams, and skyscrapers through advanced self-healing mesh network

One piece of gear that can be put on in seconds

  • Fits comfortably with hazmat suits, SCBA tanks and other gear

  • Allows for hands-free operation of voice and video

  • Expandable with additional third-party sensors

  • Made of waterproof, fire resistant, and fully decontamination-able NFPA 1994 certified material

The Vorbeck H6 communications harness contains six high-performance embedded antennas, completely removing all antenna protrusions. Through its innovative central connection hub, the Vorbeck H6 is compatible with any radio, and multiple radios can be used simultaneously. When paired with Vorbeck R2 radio system, powered by Rajant’s patented InstaMesh® technology, the Vorbeck H6 forms a secure self-forming mesh network to enable live streaming of videos from attached low-light or thermal cameras, clear voice, and high-speed data. Vorbeck H6 is lightweight, waterproof, and designed with NFPA 1994 certified material to allow for decontamination.

Photography by: Alison Baskerville  Model: Aaron Brent

Photography by: Alison Baskerville

Model: Aaron Brent